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Are avocados really healthy? It seems to contain a high amount of fats, but these seem to be healthy fats? More than 77% of the calories contained in an avocado is from fat. This fat us mainly made up of oleic acid, a main ingredient of olive oil. This type of fat can reduce inflammation and also has beneficial effects against cancer. This list would go on and on and get pretty boring if I listed all the health benefits. Just know that there are a ton of them.

rAlthough there are just a few possible negative side effects, they should still be accounted for.

rWeirdly enough, people who are sensitive to latex may have an allergic reaction to avocados.

rPeople who are hypersensitive might vomit due to an avocado.

rMothers should avoid avocados during pregnancy as it may reduce the amount of breast milk that can be produced.

rMexican avocados consist of estragole and anethole and may cause liver damage. These Mexican avocados also had a 34% price jump recently. This is mainly due to american companies trying to purchase avocados ahead of time to avoid border issues that may develop due to Trump.


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