xperia_10_vi – Depression


Depression distorts your thinking. Don't let a temporary lack of judgement cause you to harm yourself or another.

rDepression makes it harder to love

/care about others.

rThe most common way depression is experienced is through anxiety.

rMedication alone can't cure depression. If you are taking medication you should also be getting therapy.

rAlcohol is not a treatment method for depression and will surely make it worse over time. Remember that all medications, including anti-depressants, have side effects.

rDepression isn't a choice. However depression won't cure itself. I f you are suffering under depression, you can choose to do nothing, but denying that you have a problem will only make you feel worse. Choose to just make one step, just one and if it feels okay, try it again. That's how many people get through it.

rDepression for an individual will cause his

/her loved ones just as much pain. Those closest to them may start to feel unloved, and may distance themselves so they aren't pulled into the pain. Remember that others are counting on you to remain positive.

rThe easiest and cheapest cure for depression is exercise. Just walking 30 minutes a day will help you and sometimes completely alleviate your symptoms. For this very reason, many therapists take walks with clients instead of doing

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