Tangled in Moonlight: Unshifted – Lucas: Gala (III)

Lucas: Gala (III)


/em>[WARNING: Mature content.<







My wolf howls in triumph as I stalk after the little blonde, keeping to the shadows of the garden. She's oblivious to my presence, her attention focused on the phone in her hand. The glow of the screen illuminates her face, casting a soft light over her delicate features. I can see the reflection of its screen in her glasses, and find myself disappointed that the colors obscure those striking eyes of hers.

As I draw closer, I catch a whiff of her scent on the breeze. Honey and vanilla, with a hint of something else. Something that calls to me on a primal level. My wolf is practically salivating, urging me to close the distance between us and claim what's mine. She must not be my mate—my wolf would know at first scent—but she's definitely something special.

I watch as she taps at her phone with a sense of urgency. A rideshare app, from the looks of it. Is she trying to leave?

The thought sends a surge of possessiveness through me. Like hell I'm going to let her slip away now that I've found her.

I move quickly, closing the distance between us in a few long strides. She doesn't even have time to react before I yank at her arm, spinning her around to pull her against my chest, wrapping one arm around her waist. My hand settles possessively there, gently stroking at the dip before her hips begin to flare. Her skin is warm and tantalizing, even through the soft fabric.

Chapter end

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