Tangled in Moonlight: Unshifted – Ava: Overcome (III)

Ava: Overcome (III)

My hands dive into his hair, yanking him closer as I rub and writhe against him, ignoring the hands pulling at me, trying to tear me away from my mate. My Lucas. My alpha.

The kiss consumes me down to my soul, and I wrap my legs around him, reveling in the feel of him against me as he holds me to him, settling the core of me just above the erection I can feel pressing against his jeans.

I gasp between kisses, and grind down, begging for more, ignoring the voices around us.

I feel another pinch on my thigh, and I cling to my alpha, moaning as his tongue dives into my mouth again and again, exploring every millimeter.







Selene's voice breaks through the kisses, but I can only feel annoyance. Go away!<


His hands are up my gown, squeezing my breasts, and ohmygod<

/em>, he's pinching my nipples in a way that makes me jerk my hips against him and moan.

Ava! He isn't Lucas. He isn't your mate!<


I pull away from the brain-numbing kiss, panting as I try to focus on the man in front of me. Lucas?

No? Yes?

I blink, and lose my focus when he swoops in for another kiss. I can still feel people trying to tug us apart, but my alpha refuses to let me go.

I yank hard at his chestnut hair, telling him without words that I want it rougher, and—


Lucas doesn't have hair this color.

I pull back again, covering his mouth with my hand. He licks and nibbles at my palm, and I can feel him rhythmically rubbing my hips against him in a way that makes me want to give up and let him do whatever he wants to me.

But he's not Lucas.

He's Clayton.

Alpha Clayton. Yes. Not Lucas. Wake up, Ava. Your heat is taking over you. You need to take control, unless you want to be mated to the Aspen alpha.<


That doesn't sound so bad. In fact, it sounds great. Great enough that I want to tear his clothes off and do it right now.



I groan, then yelp as firm hands grab me around the chest and yank me out of Clayton's grip, just as Clayton falls to the ground.

I see Nurse Jenna, then, with two syringes in her hand and a guilty look on her face.

My body arches into the man who took me from Clayton, but whoever it is sets me on the ground with a laugh.

Chapter end

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