Tangled in Moonlight: Unshifted – Ava: Paranoia and Secrets (II)

Ava: Paranoia and Secrets (II)


/strong>Your brother's looking for you. I think he believes me that I don't know anything, but I'm not sure. I'm deleting everything off this phone just in case. I have a bad feeling about this]

[AVA: <

/strong>Be careful. It might be better if we don't talk for a few weeks. I just heard two shifters talking earlier today; it looks like they're finally searching.]


/strong> I love you, Ave. I'm worried. Have I been watching too many crime documentaries? Anyway, I'll text you when it's safer.]

I clutch my phone in fear, the plastic case digging into my palm as I rush out of the lecture hall. My heart pounds with a frantic rhythm, echoing the chaos in my mind. The two shifters' words replay in an endless loop, fueling the fear that coils tighter with each passing second.

Escape. I need to escape.

I weave through the throngs of students, desperate to put as much distance between myself and those who might be searching for me. The world around me blurs into a kaleidoscope of colors and faces, each one a potential threat. I can't shake the feeling that eyes are watching my every move, that danger lurks in every shadow.

The bus stop offers a brief respite, and I collapse onto the bench, gasping for air. My eyes dart back and forth, scanning the crowd for any sign of pursuit. The minutes crawl by, each one amplifying the tension coiled within me.

Finally, the bus arrives, and I board with a sense of urgency, clutching my bag close to my chest. As it lurches forward, I sink into a seat near the back, my gaze fixed on the window, searching for any suspicious figures or movements.

The ride is a blur of paranoia, every passenger a potential enemy. I study their faces, their mannerisms, looking for any telltale signs that might give away their true nature. But all I see are ordinary people, oblivious to the fear that grips me.

When the bus finally reaches my stop, I practically leap from my seat. Relief washes over me as I spot Selene waiting patiently, her bright blue eyes a beacon of familiarity in a world that suddenly feels so hostile.

Chapter end

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