Tangled in Moonlight: Unshifted – Ava: Husky (III)

Ava: Husky (III)

The husky is still here.

A call to Animal Control is simple enough, even though it feels like I'm betraying her loyalty to me. I feed her bits of deli meat I brought down from my apartment, and she goes into doggy custody with little fanfare.

My day is bleak without her, but somehow, when Carlos and I are closing, I hear a scratching at the front door and glance up to see the now-familiar sight of my little Siberian buddy.

Okay, she isn't really that little, and has to weigh at least fifty pounds, but to me, she's a baby<


Carlos laughs behind me, a hearty sound that starts deep in his belly and bursts out to reverberate through the store.

Chapter end

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