Revolt against the Heavens – Chapter 100: Ren Chao's disappearance

Chapter 100: Ren Chao's disappearance

Back in his sea of consciousness, Cao Yun looked through everything. The most critical aspect he wanted to examine was of course the Drop of Wrath. Now, he had a better understanding of what it was. When Axiu Qian died, he was at a level that transcended everything Cao Yun knew. In fact, the mere idea of a sentient being flying through space was part of the legends. The people from the Hongchen kingdom believed their planet, called Piaolu, to be a ball of earth, metal and water animated by fire. It was covered with one large ocean and only one continent.

rIn fact, this vision of their world was brought to them by Emperor Nuwa. It was said that when she ascended, she witnessed the Piaolu planet in all its glory and majesty. As such, she revealed the truth to all humans. She left them words of wisdom and a map of the entire planet, not just their own kingdom. Before her, no human had the luxury of wondering about such matters.

rThe Piaolu map was part of the sacred treasures of mankind, as well as the 'Universal Law of Immortality'. It was considered as a way to tell humans that they would end up dominating all the land. There were other relics from this time as well, but right now none of that was important.

rWhen Axiu Qian saw his demise, he tried to embed his soul into every drop of his blood. But this white fire destroyed both physical and spiritual aspects of him. Not a wisp of his soul had survived. Only a tiny bit of his Po had persevered. The Po was the corporeal soul. Cao Yun was familiar with it because that was one of the characters he was cultivating with 'Sealing the Seven Demons in the Nine Peaks', Po the Metal Corporeal Soul.

rThe Po was made of seven parts working together. One of those parts was the Po of Jing. Every part of the Po was responsible for the vital functions of the body. Despite being from another species, Axiu Qian also had this soul. In fact, his body was different but his soul was pretty similar. However, every part of the Po could be corrupted by emotions. The Po of Jing was corrupted by anger. This anger got further intensified by the white flame when everything else around it was burned away. Even the other parts of the Po were destroyed, and caused a great unbalance. This speck of Po turned into the Flying Poison, a corrupted form of itself.

rVague memories of Axiu Qian subsisted within the Drop of Wrath but only bits and pieces. The first events and the very last moment of his life had so much impact that they were mostly intact.

rNow, Cao Yun understood better. This also explained why it reacted so violently with his Po character since it was a kind of rival to it. But it also meant that he knew how to better control it. By using his understanding of the Po, he could focus specifically on the Po of Jing to put a leash on the Drop of Wrath. And he also understood what it was doing. It was trying to rebuild the other parts of itself. Being corrupted, it was of course attracted to Evil Qi. And being a drop of blood, it obviously consumed blood, not Qi directly. So when a blood filled with Evil Qi got near it, it could not restrain itself.

rBut Cao Yun got reassured. This Drop of Wrath was neither an inner demon nor a ghost. Inner demons were born from the Shen, they were obsessions nested within the mind. Ghosts were born from Hun. To be precise, they were born from any damaged parts of the Hun when it left the body after death. As such, there was almost no risk for the Drop of Wrath to have any sentience. In fact, it was trying to acquire just that. But as long as there was no sentience within, Cao Yun's chances at controlling it were better.

rStrangely, Cleansed Asura had never written about this. There were many notes about his experiments with this Drop of Wrath in 'Domination of Wrath'. But he only seemed to have understood its ability to strengthen the physical body, especially the blood, as well as its strong intent that could be used to enhance his own. When Cleansed Asura had found the Drop of Wrath, his cultivation was way higher than Cao Yun's. As such, he never had any problem controlling it and never let it absorb any foreign energy. This was probably why he never perceived its true nature. This was also the reason why he had hesitated to give it to Cao Yun. For him, he was too weak to really master it. But Cao Yun was dying and Cleansed Asura would die himself very soon, so he had no choice if he were to find an heir.

rWhen Cao Yun looked at the Drop of Wrath, it was peaceful, slowly digesting the Evil Qi contained within the blood runes. It was trying to recreate the six other parts of the Po. But it had no sentience and only mimicked what it had felt long ago. This made Cao Yun have an idea. He could use his own Po character to guide the Drop of Wrath. If he was able to insert a bit of his own Po inside the Drop of Wrath, it would become way more obedient.

rTo achieve such a result, he needed his mind cultivation to be way higher than it was right now. In fact, he probably needed to be at the third or even fourth layer of 'Sealing the Seven Demons in the Nine Peaks'. He wasn't sure of what those layers consisted of, but he knew that the first one would not cut it.

rAnyway, now that he understood the Drop of Wrath better, he could more easily fight off its attempt to take over his body. In fact, if he had known that the Drop of Wrath would try to absorb the Evil Qi, he could have made preparations beforehand. And he also realized that the Drop of Wrath was not really trying to take over his body. The truth was that the rage from Axiu Qian was just washing over him. But it was so strong that it had the power to literally corrode and even wipe out his mind altogether. As long as it wasn't an intentional attempt, Cao Yun was pretty confident in his ability to win over it. But fighting it would put him at a disadvantage during a fight, just like it did.

rFortunately, the Drop of Wrath was calm for now. Cao Yun was still too weak to regain full consciousness. He had tried to go back within his body, but he did not manage to do so yet.

rThen, he looked at the three stars in the sky. The Root Star had given him great benefits and the image of the dragon around the three stars was now a bit more material. Other than that, there was no change. His four characters did not change either. Using the slumber of the Drop of Wrath, Cao Yun decided to train his Po character.

rDespite cultivating this character, the Drop of Wrath was too busy to get agitated and Cao Yun finally reached True Success. When he did, his control over his own Qi got even better. And despite being unable to feel anything from his body, the sensation of the flow of Qi got back to him. Using this, he focused on circulating his Qi. This allowed his body to recover faster. Soon enough, he slowly regained sensations in his body. And in a few hours, he opened his eyes.


rBoth Mei Ying and Huang Cixi were at his side. When he woke up, they got startled. Quickly, Huang Cixi went to fetch a pill left by Meng Jia. He had prepared it for when Cao Yun would wake up to help in his recovery. However, when she got back to her master, she realized that it wasn't a good thing to force-feed him just after his awakening.


Chapter end

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