Revolt against the Heavens – Chapter 99: The Drop of Wrath

Chapter 99: The Drop of Wrath

As Cao Yun was unconscious, several rumors spread across the Wubei Sect. Luduo Bu's reputation was pretty terrible, while Cao Yun's was mainly positive. Even the Dragon's Fire Faction eventually got a great opinion of him through their joint work.

rHowever, Chief Elder Bian decided to investigate this case very thoroughly. During several days, he had interrogated Huang Cixi himself. No matter how he tried to ask his questions, her version of the events never changed. But from her own testimony, she had not seen a long part of their fight. Even though it seemed clear that Luduo Bu was the one initiating the attack and that Cao Yun's kill was in full self-defense, it did not innocent him. Maybe he was the one who had used some demonic art nonetheless.

rDespite his grudge against Cao Yun for a supposed humiliation he was not responsible at all, Chief Elder Bian was not stupid. When the truth was so obvious, he had to accept it. Besides, he had to wait for Cao Yun to wake up to interrogate him. In fact, as a Spirit Warrior, he could have penetrated his mind. But entering someone's mind was always dangerous for the receiving end. Even with Xiao Xuefeng's mastery, she would not dare do so unless the situation was dire or urgent.

rShe had done so when she first met Cao Yun but it was against someone who wanted to kill him and was obviously about to die anyway. And of course, the rules of the Wubei Sect only allowed to intrude into someone's mind under very specific and rare conditions.

rFor now, Chief Elder Bian had ordered for Cao Yun to be placed under house arrest. He ordered two 2nd-grade Mortal Warriors to prevent anyone from entering or leaving his room. They were inner disciples. Chief Elders Baishen and Suxian got so infuriated that he had to lower the harsh restrictions. Finally, his close friends were allowed in but they had to register each time. The tension between the disciplinary pavilion and the three main pavilions, the martial art, the alchemy and the array formation pavilions, was at its highest. The weeks passing, Chief Elder Bian was even forced to lower the guard. In the end, he sent three 7th-grade Mortals who were outer disciples.


rSomewhere else in the sect, the demonic cultivator wearing black and purple was talking with someone else. The person was not visible even to the man he was speaking with. There was a screen hiding him completely. Just like the person wearing black and purple, his voice seemed to be a mix of several different voices and even his sex was unknown.


Chapter end

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