Revolt against the Heavens – Chapter 90: Hunting in the Lunar Marsh

Chapter 90: Hunting in the Lunar Marsh

The next few weeks were rather calm and Cao Yun put a lot of efforts in his training. His Po character was becoming more and more concrete. With a month more, he would finally achieve True Success.

rHe put a lot of time in his Qi cultivation in his Seamless Qi Vortex array formation accompanied by Huang Cixi. His lesser meridians were at least a fifth of the width of his standard meridians. Extraordinary Vessels were at some places twice as large as the twelve standard meridians. And lesser ones usually were a tenth of their width. According to the 'Coiling Turtle' cultivation method, he was on the right track to complete 'The Turtle Swims Through the Canals'.

rThe wider his meridians got, the longer it would take to expand them. In a matter of weeks he had doubled their size. But to reach the final stage, he would probably need three to four months. However, he could already feel the results of his training.

rIn the Thousand Snakes Invade the Shell array formation, his reflexes were way faster. In fact, his mind had not really changed but his Qi could flow through new pathways. By doing so, he could speed up all of his moves. The time he needed between the moment he wanted to act and the moment he effectively acted had become shorter and shorter.

rThanks to that, he was able to resist more moves in the 2nd-grade Mortal Warrior setting. He could focus his Qi in his palms faster and this allowed him to keep his grip on the 'Nine Chi Black Dragon Spear'. Right now, he was able to sustain at least ten moves before he had to switch to the 1st-grade Mortal Warrior setting. This wasn't much but it allowed him to push his Root Star further and further.

rAlso, it attracted a lot of attention on him. What amazed people was not necessarily his achievements but his progress. Being strong was one thing but showing everyone that you were getting stronger and stronger was something else entirely. Cao Yun was still 16. He was almost sure to reach Spirit Warrior in his life so he would probably live to be at least 2,000. In other words, if you had a good relationship with him, you would gain a lifelong of benefits.

rSome weaker disciples tried to suck up to him. However, he stayed cold and indifferent to them. He did not act too arrogant. As he knew perfectly well what they wanted, he did not care for them at all. This attitude of his gained him even more fame. People saw that he wasn't some commoner wowed by the prospect of a nice life. In his heart, he was a true cultivator.

rAfter his daily training in the Thousand Snakes Invade the Shell array formation, Cao Yun stayed sometimes hours observing the Root Star in his sea of consciousness. The fact that it was so complex with two binary stars orbiting each other, made it fascinating to watch. Every single day, except for the training day, he felt as though he was understanding a bit more of this star. Around the first three stars, the ghostly shape of a blue dragon was spreading. Now it had both a head, a neck and a chest. For now, it was still extremely vague even with Cao Yun's perception.

rWatching both the Root Star and the subtle movements of this ghostly figure allowed Cao Yun to advance in his understanding of the 'Azure Dragon's Seven Piercing Stars'. Gradually, he refined his moves more and more but he still did not learn the first move of the Root Star. Despite some small deductions, he had yet to form the entire move in his mind.

rOn the other hand, he pretty much put alchemy aside for the time being. Surprisingly, he kept working a bit on array formations. After understanding that martial arts worked on the same principles as the array formations themselves, he wanted to learn more. Every day, he tried to apply the Eight Directions to his own Qi circulation. And little by little, he was witnessing very small changes in the right direction.


rOutside of the sect, nefarious events were unfolding.

rA group of seven cultivators was hunting a 3-core demonic beast in the Lunar Marsh. They had tracked the beast for several days now and it had fled from them here. They were not that strong individually, ranging from 4th-grade Mortal to 7th-grade Mortal for the strongest guy. However, they knew how to act as a team and were able to corner the beast with various strategies.

rThe Lunar Marsh had a terrible reputation, especially since Cao Yun had killed demonic cultivators from the Wolf Head Sect in there. Logically, it meant that no more demonic cultivators were there. But on the other hand, some people thought that their vengeful ghosts could haunt the place. The Lunar Marsh was a very Yin location and this was incredibly nourishing to ghosts and other such entities.

rThis did not deter these cultivators. After all the time and work they had put into hunting the beast, there was no way they were going to simply leave because of ghost stories. Anyway, a Spirit Warrior had been there so she probably took care of all possible ghosts.

rThey were all vagrant cultivators. A clear indication of this fact was their age. The oldest of the group was 32 and he was only a 7th-grade Mortal. Indeed, trying to cultivate without a sect, a clan or an institute was terribly tough. Cao Beiwen had done so and he had been able to reach Spirit Warrior when he was 90 while his grandson achieved the same result at 45. Cao Guang was talented, but he also had better resources thanks to his great-grandfather.

rThis group was not really talented or they could have joined even a small sect or given their services to a noble family. Their living was made by being mercenaries and by gathering resources in the wild. As such, they knew a lot about surviving despite having lesser strength compared to other cultivators.

rA 26-years-old woman squatted down to look at the ground. A small drop of blood was barely visible but she caught up on it. Taking a small sample with her finger, she smelled it and looked around for other traces.


Chapter end

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