Revolt against the Heavens – Chapter 34: Tempering within torment

Chapter 34: Tempering within torment

The moment the first incense stick burned out, a sect disciple put another one. As a matter of fact, there were twenty sect disciples putting incense sticks all around the array at the exact same time. It served to measure the time, but the fragrance was also part of the array. Yes it had helped some candidates to take their mind off the pain, but it was also necessary to ensure the illusions. If they had used another way to escape from their suffering, their result would have probably been better, but not by much.

More than fifty candidates still endured the scorching heat. Unbeknownst to them, the heat and pain were gradually increasing.

After the second incense stick burned away, a sudden reversal occurred. The hellish heat turned into a freezing cold. Feeling as if their limbs were entirely frozen, many candidates were too surprised by the change and quit, not able to adapt to the new kind of pain. Some candidates literally bit their lips to feel a warm sensation of blood and stay focused.

Ren Chao began to feel the pain. As much as heat was not a problem for him, cold really was. In order to stay strong, he tried to imagine being near the hearth of his father's forge. Cao Yun, Sun Liao, and even more so, Mei Hua, had no real difficulties steeling their wills against these illusions.

Soon after, two more incense sticks burned away and a new phase began again. This time, the sensations of extreme heat and extreme cold randomly alternated between them. Their duration and timing were unpredictable so that no one could really adapt to either. Many candidates lost their concentration. Against a continual torment, they could force through, but the constant change eroded their wills.

Almost an hour after the beginning of the trial, the sensations changed a little as extreme cold and extreme heat could now target different parts of their body at the same time. It created a horrifying sensation. You could for example feel as if your hand was burning but your fingers were frozen. This time, new pains were added as if swords were piercing through them. During at least another hour, they were subjected to all kinds of pain and torment of the flesh. Around half of the candidates could not steel their will against such sufferings and quit.

Finally, at the start of the third hour, the pain stopped. A melodious music played in everyone's ears, trying to take them away toward a place of peace and sweetness. The sudden change made many candidates fail. With their wills eroded by the pain, this promise of respite got them. After their hearing, their smell was subjected to such a heavenly promise. Each candidate could smell their favorite food as if a huge banquet had been prepared for them. At the same time, a great sensation of hunger took them. Many candidates could not resist.

Ren Chao was one of them. Physical pain was not too difficult for him, but his mind was unguarded against this kind of temptation. After all, he really loved meat and wine. When he woke up he was more disappointed by the absence of meat than by his failure. He had been able to resist more than three hours, that was pretty good.

Cao Yun finally felt his will coming to its limit and was almost taken out of his meditation when mental images flooded his mind. Everyone saw images of beauty and horror, trying to make them give in. That's when Cao Yun decided to circulate Zhi. It turned out to be very efficient as it renewed his will to fight.

He was able to draw the character twenty-three times. But as he was approaching his limit, he focused his intent and pushed through. He then tried to focus on the Zhi character itself with every illusion he felt. All the images he was seeing turned into the Zhi character.

Then, the candidates' bodies began to feel really uncomfortable, forcing all of them to try to move around. The last sense that was put to the test was their taste. In their mouth, disgusting mixtures could be felt. Some even imagined they were eating their own flesh and blood.

It kept on and on.

After the fifth hour, there were fourteen candidates left. A new stage of the array began. They saw scenes of carnage as if they were in, either as torturer or as victim. Gradually, these scenes turned into pictures of paradise. Cao Yun was faced with the beautiful figure of Feng Yingyue completely naked, awaiting him. To her sides, many other beautiful women playing together. Even Xiao Xuefeng was among them, so was Mei Hua. The Zhi character kept circulating and the women turned into water. Just as they had transformed, the water formed the Zhi character in the air.

Cao Yun was breaking through his mind cultivation like crazy by using the array to fulfill his ends. It continued for another hour.

After six hours of pain, torment and distractions of all kind, only Sun Liao, Mei Hua and Cao Yun remained.

Yet another phase of the array began. Now they were reliving parts of their lives.

Sun Liao was faced against Cao Yun. The boy was smiling as he kept beating Sun Liao, stabbing him with his spear again and again. He put his foot on his head, crushing it to the ground. Suffering this humiliation, Sun Liao's anger erupted. He could not take it any longer. Jumping to beat up his opponent, Sun Liao realized that he was standing up in reality. The trial was over for him, all because of Cao Yun again. As he harbored this irrational grudge, he looked all around him and was pleased to see that there were only two other people, until he saw who the second person was. Cao Yun was the person who made him fail in the illusion and he was the one who would beat him in reality. It was already too late, no matter if Cao Yun was first or not during this trial, he would stay first in the ranking.

The visions of Cao Yun were different. At first he was with his family. They were all happy and congratulating him on his achievements after the tournament.

Chapter end

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