Revolt against the Heavens – Chapter 23: The Evil Way

Chapter 23: The Evil Way

According to the reports of the City Lord Dun Mofan, Cao Yun's family had most likely been killed by demonic cultivators. Although the information seemed authentic, it was unheard of for an entire family to be killed by demonic cultivators, and it got Cao Yun thinking. Replaying that night over and over in his mind, he began to believe that it did make kind of sense.

rThe leader of the attack was using a very strange blade. In the light of the moon, it almost looked as if it was constantly covered in fresh blood. The knowledge of Cao Yun concerning demonic cultivators was very thin, however he could see that this weapon was not orthodox.

rOf course, it wasn't proof enough. Anyone could use a weapon with a demonic feel to it. His train of thought then incorporated Luo Jiang. Apparently, a demonic cultivator who was at the Spirit Warrior realm was trying to get into the Golden Flowery Fragrance Institute. Such a powerful demonic cultivator was rare judging by the attitude of Grand Master Hua. But that was precisely the kind of demonic cultivators who had slaughtered the Cao family.

rIt was a little far-fetched, but maybe it was the same person. Well, it was not that unlikely. Demonic cultivators had to hide to avoid getting purged. So very few of them were able to reach great heights in their cultivation. There could never be that many Spirit Warriors among them. And Yinmen City was relatively close to Baziyun City.

rRacking his brain, Cao Yun was constantly making associations between elements and then doubting them again. The only certain fact was that he had very little to go on with. That was why he was in this swamp, not just as a shortcut to the Wubei Sect, but also to gather some intel.

rThe demonic cultivators who probably roamed the Lunar Marsh had only killed normal humans or very low grade cultivators. It was precisely the reason why the Governor of the Shuangli Province did not divert any of his forces to eradicate them. And it was precisely the reason why Cao Yun had chosen them. If they were weak enough, he could probably beat them without killing them. And he wanted to get them alive for interrogation.

rDemonic cultivators tended to be stronger than other cultivators though. Their demonic arts allowed them to obtain great strength quickly, but it messed with their mind and hindered their progress in the long run.

rCao Yun had no first hand knowledge about their arts. The only thing he knew were rumors and none of them made him feel any remorse about hunting them down.

rThere were many arts that were considered to be part of the Evil Way. Among these arts, most consisted in hurting other humans. Some demonic cultivators were even known to drink human blood and eat human flesh. There were accounts of demonic cultivators bathing in blood, flaying humans alive to use their skin, and many other monstrous stories.

rCao Yun did not know which ones were true, exaggerations or pure inventions. Maybe orthodox cultivators wanted to worsen their image among the general population, but Cao Yun knew from his father that they really were evil, and sometimes mad. Indeed, when he was a little bit younger, Cao Guang had told him stories about a punitive expedition against some demonic cultivators. Of course, Cao Shui stopped him before he could traumatize the poor kid, but the story had impressed him.

rWait! Maybe that was the link! Cao Yun suddenly thought about his father's story. His father and the patriarch were forefront during this expedition, maybe the attack was a retaliation...

rAs these new thoughts erupted in Cao Yun's mind, there was some movement in the distance that brought him back to reality.

rThe young boy had been hiding around the spot where the traces were, waiting in ambush. Five men and two women just walked by. Four of the men were obviously cultivators. They were wearing light leather armors, probably to move more easily through this damp swamp where an heavy armor would be too inconvenient. Arms in hand, they were walking the other three, one man and two women. Both their hands and feet were tied up and chained together. Their clothes were torn in several places but it was still obvious that they were mere mortals without any cultivation to speak of. Traces of abuse and torture were visible on the flesh that was exposed. Following these demonic cultivators, the heads of these humans were down with gloomy expressions, almost devoid of life.

rThe first impulse of Cao Yun was to jump them and save these people. After some hesitation, he chose not to. He wanted to find where these demonic cultivators were hiding. His best bet was to follow them and then find their leader. Discerning the cultivation of someone was very difficult without spiritual senses but they were probably at most 4th-grade Mortals as he could not feel strong Qi emanating from them.

rEvery life form was enveloped by a layer of Wei Qi, protective Qi. It was a natural emanation of their vitality. As cultivators gathered Qi in their Vessels and Meridians, this layer of Wei Qi became denser and denser. Although invisible to the naked eye, it was possible to perceive a kind of vitality from this Wei Qi. Usually, only Mortal Warriors could really feel it at a distance while Mortals could just feel it around them. With his stronger intent, Cao Yun was more perceptive and he could sense that their vitality was pretty low. In the worst case, some of them could be 4th-grade Mortals, but if they were, their breakthrough was pretty new.

rIn any way, none of them was an opponent for Cao Yun. Most likely, he could kill the four of them with a single strike each, especially if he attacked by surprise.


rHe followed them for at least two hours. They were clearly trying to avoid any threat in the swamp. Finally, they stopped before a small pond of water full of Embalming Lake Lotus closed stems. Watching their every move, Cao Yun was perplexed. They cut off the bonds of the prisoners.

rAll of a sudden, Cao Yun realized what they were going to do. Embalming Lake Lotuses were lotuses that grew from corpses. Most of the time, the corpses were beasts, or even fish. But these demonic cultivators had found a way to exploit their victims even in death. Sadly, Cao Yun realized this a bit too late. Jumping from his hiding place, he tried to rush toward the group, the 'Star-Devouring Dragon' sword in hand.

rOne of the demonic cultivators turned back while his friends slit the throat of their prisoners. As their blood flowed down their body, there was some kind of relief in their eyes and then, they fell in the pond. While their blood was spreading and gave a reddish color to the waters, Cao Yun's sword was already deep within one of their murderer's throat.

rHe made quick work of them all but kept one alive. He had cut off the hand that was holding his weapon and was crushing his head beneath his foot.

rLooking into the pond, Cao Yun was able to make out at least a dozen of other corpses already rotten down below. His rage was fuel for the Drop of Wrath that was starting to vibrate again. Fearing to be overtaken, Cao Yun calmed down and focused on his captive.


Chapter end

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