My new Journey through the realms – Chapter 45 Feeding Baby Wyvern

Chapter 45 Feeding Baby Wyvern

I started breakfast with some simple eggs, toast, and all the meat we had in the house. I forgot what time it was due to all the commotion but I did not really care.

rI was focusing on my newly found Soul Partners. Since they were able to materialize on Earth. I want them to get a taste of the great cook I was.

rI finished cooking a few dozen eggs, three packages of toast, and all the meat we had. I never thought the day would come when I found myself overcooking.

rI happen to glance at the clock now. It was 10 am and I was not going to school because I cooked everything in the house.

rEven my female neighbors would laugh their entire week off. I never felt so bad that I overcooked. Since this was technically a celebration. Oh well.

rBaby Wyvern and my Spider Queen both came out of my Soul and stared at the food I cooked.

rBaby Wyvern decided to eat all the burgers we had. The Spider Queen ate the ham and was slightly pleased by it. Baby Wyvern burped and ate all the eggs next.

rSpider Queen nested back on the top of my head and ate a piece of toast. She was quite delighted. I felt better seeing her being happy.

rThe girls and my parents both looked at the celebration food. Seeing it disappear before they got a plate. Even worse I cooked it and I did not have one yet.

rThat got all of them fired up. They stormed the kitchen and started to fix plates and hand them out. Even though the famous ham was in the delighted Spider Queen's belly. Everyone enjoyed a plate, even both my Soul Partners.

rWe ate and decided to get back on the game. Once I had logged in, I focused on my Tamer's ability.

rFeeling the connection with my tamed monsters. I asked them to get me twenty Ninth Realm Dragon Beast Cores.

rNow we just had to wait. The wait only lasted 10 minutes. Baby Wyvern and I played around. I would lift her up into the air, release her, she would try to flap her wings before falling into my arms. I would snuggle with her and continue doing this for the entire wait time.

rSpider Queen attempted one in my Soul only for her daughter to get scared and dart into the deepest part of the web.

rI found it amusing that my Queen would attempt such a thing. Seeing that she was honestly trying to have fun like I was. I told her to come out and join me.

rBefore feeding Baby Wyvern, I tossed my Spider Queen up into the air. She did a fancy spin and landed right on top of my head. I frowned on her but she just enjoyed the top of my head.

rThe Wyvern boss looked at all twenty of my Mythical Dragon Beast Cores and gave his daughter the best one he saw out of the bunch.


Chapter end

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