Dungeon Diver: Stealing A Monster’s Power – Chapter 75

Chapter 75

The Demon looks me in the eyes as our swords clash.

rI grit my teeth and watch the sparks fly. I use plunderer while releasing a wave of flames through my blade toward the monster. It lets out a wave of intense intimidation as we test each other's limits.

rMy flames glow hot illuminating the area around us. I burst into a massive ball of fire pushing the monster backward while burning its chest and arms. It lets out a roar and disappears into a dark portal behind it.

rI smirk.

rThis is the first time during our battle I've had the upper hand.

rI sense a presence behind me and swiftly turn to block the incoming blade. We lock eyes again as sparks fly. I use its own mana against it. While refreshing my own MP up to full, I release another wave of flames and lunge forward.

rIt gets slightly burned but disappears into a dark portal once again.

rWe clash blades over and over for another full minute. I manage to land minor burns from my flames but our swordsmanship, strength, and speed are completely equal. One wrong move for either of us and the other will be critically injured.

rEvery time the demon appears I block and attempt a counter, but it's too crafty... The moment my blade touches its skin, it disappears into a void of darkness.

rI scan the area around me and wait.... It's time to turn it up a notch. I'm going to try something different this time.

rI sense a blade appear behind me, but purposefully don't turn around to block it. The sharp metal sword slices deep into my back and out through my stomach on the other side. I would have definitely darted away or blocked in any normal circumstance, but this is part of my plan...


Chapter end

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