Dungeon Diver: Stealing A Monster’s Power – Chapter 51

Chapter 51

I let the crowd of hunters go into the dungeon first. I'll take my time and venture a bit deeper today to find some harder opponents. I'm probably not ready for the boss yet, it'll take a few days before i can handle that solo.

rThere's a large sense of tension from the other parties. This whole dungeon surge thing is a pretty big deal.

rOnce it was my turn to enter I pulled out my sword and jumped through the glowing blue portal.

rI wandered around the Minotaur Dungeon without any problems. The monsters became stronger and stronger as the day went on.

rIn 6 hours I faced off against 7 groups in total. There were a few other teams in the dungeon, so whenever I got nearby, I turned the other way to keep my distance. It was a little annoying at first, but overall it didn't really matter.

rThe first 3 groups I fought were pretty easy. They were all level 155-165. It was just mana drops, no level gains at all.

rThe next two groups were a bit harder. They were both lead by a boss with a pretty high level. One was Lv. 188, the other was Lv. 191. The Lv. 188 dropped an axe, the other 5 Minotaurs dropped only mana. I gained 4 levels from these battles.

rIt's much easier to level grind now that I can use my opponents MP. I'm getting hit while blocking occasionally, but with every increasing level the damage is becoming less and less.

rThe next group I fought had a surprising twist. It consisted of 4 total minotaurs. Their levels were 176, 177, 180, and 182. At first the monsters actually gave me a run for my money. They attacked in charges of two and had similar strength to my own. My only advantage was speed. I dragged the battle out for a long time while hardening for defense and absorbing their MP simultaneously landing cheap shots whenever I could. After this battle I had to drink an HP potion to recover fully.

rThe more I fight in this dungeon the more I understand why guilds love to come here. These beasts are good fighters, but they don't have any mind-blowing moves. As long as a team has proper gear and teamwork, power leveling is a breeze.

rAfter this battle I gained 3 more levels and collected 4 huge mana crystals.

rMy final group was even more of a challenge. It was a group of 2 minotaur. One was a level 161 and the other stood at a staggering level 202.

rThe lower level monster was defeated very quickly at the beginning of the fight.

rThe Level 202 was definitely a challenge though. It was very strong and very fast. My small frame and agility were my only upside when it came to basic stats. I had to play it very safe and slowly chip away at the beast while blocking its attacks with a hardened left arm.

rIt chipped me down to about half of my HP before the battle was over. Both of these monsters just dropped mana crystals, no extra loot. I gained 3 levels from this battle.

rAfter this fight I took a small break to sit by a tree and check my status.

r[Status Open]


rName: Jay Soju

rLevel: 182

rHp: 465


rMp: 880


rStrength: 437 [ 125]

rSpeed: 521

rAgility: 544

rDefense: 389 [ 156]

rMental Strength: 437 [ 87]




rCombat Magic [Fire Summoning]

rInspect [Special Grade]

rEnemy Detection

rBody Hardening[Special Grade]

rSelf Regeneration

rSpacial Magic[Item Storage]


rItems Equipped:

rGolden Wolf Ring [ 20% Mental Strength]

rCyclops Eye Pendant [ 40% Defense]

rStainless Steel Sword [ 125 Strength]


rAfter a quick rest I got up with a grin on my face and started heading back to the dungeon entrance. I need to stock up on HP portions, I didn't realize how tough some of these higher level minotaurs are. Plus, a bite to eat wouldn't hurt. I'll come back right after and continue this level grinding.

rIt took about an hour, but I made it back to the floating blue portal and left the dungeon. I heard one team fighting a nearby group of monsters on the way back but didn't encounter any myself.

rI exited the dungeon and took the train back to the main Hub. When I made it up to the surface I could see a pretty big commotion going on by the E Class escalator. There were two extra guards in front preventing people from passing. One of them was speaking to a group, I couldn't help but listen in.


Chapter end

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