Dungeon Diver: Stealing A Monster’s Power – Chapter 5

Chapter 5

I slowly walked home thinking about the last few hours in my head over and over like it was a dream. When I got to my apartment building I walked up the small staircase to my door, twisted the key, and went inside.

rI threw the mana crystal onto my desk, put the long sword up against the wall next to my closet, took off my clothes and boots, then turned on a steaming hot shower. I scrubbed every last speck of dirt and blood until my skin hurt, then I just stood there and let the hot water roll down my back.

rOnce I was content I turned the water off, dried myself with a new towel, threw on some boxers and jumped in bed.

rIt was about noon, but I was too exhausted to care. Within a few minutes I was fast asleep.

rAround 8 or 9 at night I finally woke up with my stomach growling, I needed some good food asap. I put on my other pair of black jeans with no holes in the knees and a random black tee from my closet, threw on my boots then stood and stretched a bit. I grabbed the mana crystal on my desk and walked out the door to the village market, it was Friday night so there was bound to be something good open tonight.

rI walked up to the old merchant I used to sell my mana crystals to. I toss him the crystal I had acquired earlier in the day.


Chapter end

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