Dungeon Diver: Stealing A Monster’s Power – Chapter 42

Chapter 42

The mutant troll stood in front of us with its long arms reaching close to the ground.

rThe monster's right hand held a large axe and its left was glistening with sharp claws.

rIt stood almost 5m tall and was a much darker shade of green than our previous opponents.

rI used my inspect skill.

r[Lv. 172]

rIt doesn't seem too bad. The level 150s were a piece of cake. This one might be a bit stronger, but Talia and I can handle it.

rThe monster roared as we ran towards it. The massive troll swung its axe erratically and hit nearby trees while charging towards us.

rI broke off to the right side and Talia moved to the left.

rWe were both much faster than this beast. It'll definitely be an easy fight.

rMoments later we weaved in and out of the trees avoiding the monster's random attacks and each of us sliced clean through its legs.


Chapter end

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