Dungeon Diver: Stealing A Monster’s Power – Chapter 4

Chapter 4

[Present Day]

rIt's been 6 weeks since I took the job as porter on a team of 4 diving into the Alpine Square Starter Dungeon. I've learned a lot, gained a good amount of exp, but the one thing I'm lacking is money. I just paid my rent, two 2 silver coins and took 3 bronze coins to grab breakfast on the way to work. All I have left in my drawer back home in 33 bronze coins.

rI'm living a simple life, eating good food, diving into the dungeon, sleeping, and doing it all over again every day. My only goal at the moment is to learn more and get stronger, but to be honest I've plateaued.

r[Open Status]


rName: Jay Soju

rLevel: 21

rHp: 110


rMp: 110


rStrength: 56

rSpeed: 63

rAgility: 67

rDefense: 52

rMental Strength: 57



rItems Equipped:

rIron Dagger


rLike the team leader said, getting to level 15 was fast. From level 10 to 15, it took about a week. 15 to 17 was another week. Week 3 I made it to 19 and on week 4 I hit 20. Unfortunately, it was followed by a depressing two weeks of slow growth. At the end of week 6 I hit level 21.

rI've been standing in the back watching the party fight the boss this whole time. Occasionally I've been helping to defeat the goblins in the boss room while the team takes care of the real threat. I feel like I've learned everything I can from this team and it's time to move on soon. I just need to find the right time to tell the leader.

rAs I walk down the stairs of my apartment to the ground floor I wave to Maria one more time and make my way towards the village market. Another day as a porter diving into the dungeon.

rWe all grouped up like usual and entered the dungeon no more than 10 minutes later. We made our usual trek through the tall grass today fighting off the occasional goblin. Today we made pretty good time, under 2 hours for sure. The leader looked pretty happy with us.


Chapter end

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