Dungeon Diver: Stealing A Monster’s Power – Chapter 38

Chapter 38

I headed off in the direction Rei pointed.

rI was alone in the city now.

rIt feels so nice to be alone in places where no one knows who I am. I love the feeling of being anonymous until I decide not to be.

rAnything I do or say in public will be forgotten in the wind moments later. I'll never see anyone here again unless I make the conscious effort to do so.

rThis city makes me feel free.

rI walked for about 10 minutes with a wide grin on my face, then I arrived at the residential district.

rIt was definitely a tourist filled area, but that's what I am too. Most of the buildings were 5-10 stories tall. Some were older looking, others were newly built and higher class.

rI walked towards one that seemed to be in the middle range of affordability. I want to stay somewhere nice, but not too pricey.

rThe building was tall and grey with bluish white windows. I walked through the front door and was immediately greeted by a short man with a button up vest and a long black gelled mustache that protruded from his face on either side.

rHe was sitting behind a long wooden check-in desk.


Chapter end

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