Dungeon Diver: Stealing A Monster’s Power – Chapter 35

Chapter 35

The main road was filled with independent street vendors.

rWe walked for about 10 minutes in the direction of the city's center.

rIt became very clear to me that most of the shops around the train station were mostly for tourists and small time hunters.

rIt was filled with scammers and con men. What can you really expect? Business is business. That's the way the world works.

rAs we walked further in, there were less people out on the streets. The buildings became much taller, it looked like they were mostly allocated for office space.

rWe turned a street corner and I saw a massive mall. There were escalators that connected at least 10 floors of shopping areas. The floors were a smooth white color and the walls connecting each new floor were made of a thick clear glass. The curved silver steel beams that held everything together were incorporated into the building design. It looked very futuristic.

rWe took an escalator up to the 6th floor. Maria and I were fascinated by the scenery.

rThe shops sold mana crystals, swords, armor, shields, and much more.

rPeople here were a lot more civilized and dressed much nicer than the town market. This must be the designer district. Higher class items are sold here. Makes sense.

rAs we arrived to the 6th floor Rei motioned for us to get off the moving stairs and to follow her.

rWe walked along a balcony with a clear glass barrier. There was an open hole in the center of the mall, it was doughnut shaped. Looking up there was a blue sky, looking downwards we could see the bottom floor. It's an incredible building.

rWe kept walking along the balcony until a large storefront came into view. It seemed to be a separate shopping area closed off by a white wall, I couldn't see inside.

rRei talked to a security guard outside and showed him a card. The guard nodded and opened the door.

rWe walked in.

rIt was a large shopping center with organized gear on each wall and display tables. Rei spoke up.


Chapter end

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