Dungeon Diver: Stealing A Monster’s Power – Chapter 31

Chapter 31

Dungeon breaks happen when too much magical energy builds and is released all at once.

rMutants spawn in at much higher rates and the boss is guaranteed to be a mutant sucking up all the leftover magical energy.

rThe exit portal turns red and allows both humans and monsters to enter and leave as they wish.

rAn increase in mutant monsters means an increase in potential rare loot. Strong hunters and guilds see dungeon breaks as top priority events.

rOf course, this is to save the public from the dangerous monsters that can escape and harm those in the town nearby. There's a thin line between protection and profit I guess.

rAnyways, I'm the first one to realize this is a dungeon break. There are over a dozen monsters in the general vicinity. There's no way I can take them all on by myself...

rIf they all escape into the city there will be some serious casualties. The nearest guild is way too far away to warn anyone in time. I'm sure the two guards out front will catch on soon, but many monsters will escape into the city before the proper team can arrive.

rThe only way to stop all of this is to defeat the boss. The dungeon will collapse in on itself after the boss room is cleared. That's common knowledge on how dungeon breaks work. I've just never seen one with my own two eyes.

rThis is my best bet. I'm going to face that boss. It may be a mutant, but I have a better chance of defeating it than trying to fight all of the dungeon's monsters at once.

rI wanted to get stronger right? I can't back down from a challenge.

rI took a deep breath and gripped my sword.

rThe air was getting thicker and thicker. I could sense that the source was coming from a very tall mountain about 2km away. That must be the boss room.

rI headed off towards it in full sprint. I used the winding valleys to avoid as many monsters as I could.

rFor 20 minutes I ran and dodged every cyclops in sight. There were about 6 normal monsters and 3 mutants that crossed my path. I could sense over 3 dozen in my close vicinity, they were headed in the direction of the dungeon exit gate.

rAll the more reason for me to hurry and defeat this boss.

rThe closer I got to the mountain the more monsters I saw.

rThe ground was rumbling. A stampede of mutants appeared. 7 of them were lined up and charging in the direction of the dungeon's main gate. There was a large group of normal cyclopes following close behind.

rA couple may have already breached into the home world, but the bulk of them were about 20 minutes away from the portal. If this wave makes it to the city, it may be leveled before the Hunters Association or Pace can get here to stop them.

rThe wave rumbled by, they hardly paid any attention to me. I saw a dark grey floating portal just 100m in front of me in the direction the stampede had left from.

rI sprinted towards it without hesitating, this is the boss room.

rFrom around the corner of the mountain's rock ledge another group of monsters appeared. They must all just be spawning in here.

rI kept sprinting forward with my eyes on the boss room portal.


Chapter end

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