Dungeon Diver: Stealing A Monster’s Power – Chapter 29

Chapter 29

The giant one eyed monster came charging towards me with speed comparable to my own.

rI was not prepared to trade blows with this cyclops just yet. I need to scope out its full abilities before doing anything too rash.

rI activated my inspect skill and prepared to dodge the incoming behemoth. The light blue text appeared over its head in the distance.

r[Lv. 129]

rPretty similar to my own level. That's good.

rThe rushing stream was to my left and a slight incline leading up the side of the valley was on my right.

rI put my sword out in front of me and rushed towards the monster with no intention of actually making contact with it this time around.

rWe both sprinted towards each other getting closer and closer. Once we were less than 10m apart I could smell a foul scent, this beast smelled worse than any monster I'd ever encountered.

rI instantly lunged to the right and ran up the side of the valley to avoid the monster's attack.


Chapter end

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