Dungeon Diver: Stealing A Monster’s Power – Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Over the next 3 days I farmed the Orc Dungeon for as much exp as I possibly could.

rI decided it wasn't worth my time to go to the Hunters Association to get my License renewed. I was just going to be fighting in the E Class Orc dungeon, there was no need for me to sit around wasting time in the Association's office when I could be in the dungeon leveling up.

rOn Wednesday I fought the boss 5 times in total, plus over 30 normal Orcs. I was in the dungeon for about 10 hours, I leveled up 7 times.

rOn Thursday I managed to put up similar numbers. I had 5 boss battles and roughly 30 normal Orcs. This took about 10 hours, I leveled up 4 times.

rOn Friday I stayed late in the dungeon, about 12 hours. I fought the boss 6 times and battled close to 40 normal Orcs. I could beat the boss in two strikes now, it was getting very easy. I only leveled up 2 times.

r[Status Open]


rName: Jay Soju

rLevel: 113

rHp: 570


rMp: 570


rStrength: 274 [ 50]

rSpeed: 323

rAgility: 338

rDefense: 247

rMental Strength: 275 [ 55]




rCombat Magic [Fire Summoning]

rItems Equipped:

rStainless Steel Long Sword [ 50 Strength]

rGolden Wolf Ring [ 20% Mental Strength]


rIt's Friday night. I got back from my raid at the Orc dungeon and handed in the loot drop to Jack at the Pace Guild.

rMy silver usage has been very high this week, I've been burning through about 4 a day for MP potions to keep training. I only have 20 or so silver left. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's auction so I can make some money.

rI made my way back in the direction of my apartment. I stopped at a small restaurant near the village market and got a bite to eat. I was starving... Once I finally made it home I took a long hot shower and almost instantly fell asleep afterwards.

rI had a great night of rest. I woke up completely rejuvenated.

rI leaned over in bed and grabbed the note the old merchant game me with the auction address on it.

rI threw 5 silver and 3 bronze in my pouch around my waist. Next, I put my sword on my back and mounted the axe on my shoulder.

rI opened my door and got ready to leave.


Chapter end

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