Born From a Forbidden Union, Humanity hates me. – Chapter 93: Elemental Mastery

Chapter 93: Elemental Mastery

Amelia was standing, her eyes closed, unknowing of what was happening in front of her.

rWhat was going to happen was the peak of mastering all elements. Even Orianne and Reon were looking intently at her through the screen.

rThe earth sphere was higher than all of the other ones.

rThe fire sphere, having created an horizontal curtain of fire, was not far below it.

rThe water sphere was separated in two, with the orb of water being below the fire curtain, and the sphere being over the bricks.

rThe wind sphere was next to the water sphere, slowly elevating the bricks.

rThe lightning sphere was waiting in front of Amelia, because it wasn't its time to act yet.

rEverything was ready. The flow of magic was stable, the elements all looked ready, and her feelings were fine.

rIf there was one problem, it would be her exhaustion. She had used a lot of her magic storage creating the bricks, and more than likely, she was going to deplete it and more during this process.

r'Orion, can I transfer a part of your magic storage to Amelia? I fear she will hurt her soul if she draws too much of it.'

rEgo's voice echoed in Orion's head. Amelia was too focused to hear them this time.

r'Take as much as she needs. I already have a tree taking the excess, so that shouldn't be a problem. Don't leave me dry, that's all.'

rImmediately, Orion felt sluggish from the sudden drop of magic in his soul.

r'Damn, what kind of monster is she! Does she have a storage wider than mine? She isn't completely exhausted, but she already took 75% of my storage. It's a good think I can refill it fast.'

rAmelia had five elements, where Orion had two before.

rThe difference in amount stored was that Orion had powerful elements that required an absurd amount of magic to maintain, while Amelia had the necessary amount from having five elements.

rShe began to feel better. Her mind, cleared the fatigue, began to clearly picture the house.

r'Let's start. First, I want a wall, like this.'

rThe elements all began to react.

rThe earth element began to spit out a variation of stone and metal toward the water sphere, while sand began to fall into the fire curtain.

rThe wind element began to place the bricks in a line, while also sending a strong wind below the fire curtain to fan the flame, while also keeping the sand from falling off before being processed.

rThe water sphere caught the variation, and began to rotate it rapidly inside it. In a minute, it stopped spinning, and spat the result on the first pile of bricks that were layered in a rectangle shape.

rThe first part was an elongated corridor, separated by another wall further inside.

r'Did she just create mortar to bind the bricks together? How much her control over her elements extends?'

rOrion's question was answered by Ego.

r'She is evolving. Just like you who obtained your fourth unlock, she is progressing. It seems like she finally managed to break from her fears toward her elements, and accepted everything about them.'

r'The joint use of the five element is nothing but a miracle. Only Noah managed to do it before, and when it happens, a new ability is birthed from this. He named it Elemental Mastery, so I will refer it as such.'

rEgo stopped speaking, leaving Orion impressed by how much his partner was growing.

r'And she said I was creating a gap between us. Does she realize how incredible she is?'

rHe stared warmly at her for a second, and returned to his usual neutrality before long. He wanted to see her work being completed.

rWhile he was listening to Ego, Amelia continued to lead the elements. Even with her eyes closed, she was able to notice what was built, thanks to the elements linked to her feelings.

rThe corridor was done. There was opening for the doors, and the bricks were all placed, leading to a height of two and a half meters.

rMany things happened at the same time from there. The earth sphere began to throw different type of components and variations toward the fire and water.

rWhile the water sphere was focusing on making concrete, the water orb was only catching it's first new material.

r'Glass! She's a factory by herself!'

rOrion was dumbfounded. The materials that humans created with great effort were made by Amelia.

rBelow the water orb, a long mold formed from rocks.

rThe molten material passed through the water, that cooled it slightly. It dropped inside the mold like paste, and began to fill the it.

rNow that it had started, a constant flow of molten glass was dripping into the water orb. When a mold was full and the glass completely settled, the wind sphere sent a cutting blade and cut it into perfect shaped rectangles.

rThe second room on the left of the corridor was done. It was a room that extended five meters on the left, and all the way to the back, twenty meters total.

rAt sixteen meters, another wall was built, separating the big room into two.

rThe pile of windows that were waiting on the side were moved by the wind element, and placed were the walls allowed for one.

rAt that moment, the fire sphere began to swell, and it formed a big fire orb further away from the glass molds.

rThe earth sphere created another set of molds under it, larger than the glass ones. It then proceeded to throw another mix of components inside the fire.

r'She never stops.'

rOrion laughed in his mind. From the amount of magic Ego had to transfer to Amelia, he understood how much concentration and magic she needed.

rWhat was thrown into the fire orb was mostly metal. The fire heated up the metal, until it transformed into a metallic paste and dropped into the mold.

r'She's making metal beams now. Most likely to build a first floor.'

rThis was like a foundry. Amelia was creating glass and metal beams as if she an expert.

rOnce the metal beam had hardened, the water orb sent a jet of water on top of it to cool it.

rAt that point, the lower floor was finished. The room was the widest one so far, with fourteen meters wide, and twenty meters long, stopping at the same back wall.

rThen, bricks were placed to separate that large room into three smaller room. The last room was four meters wide, like the room opposite to it.

rThe two other room were separated in two rooms of eight meters wide.

rAmelia breathed a sight of relief. Half of what she had planned was done. What she didn't know was that it had already been two hours now.

rThe water sphere was floating around, spraying the concrete mix on the bricks on at a time, while the wind sphere kept placing them one by one.

rSweat was dropping from her face, she was beginning to lose her concentration.

r'I'll be taking more.'

rOrion nodded and prepared himself for the next wave of tiredness at Ego's words.

rThis one was tougher than the previous, and he felt dizzy. It wasn't like it was drained, it had been forcefully taken, so the sudden drop of magic only made him sick.

r'I don't think I'll be able to do another one. Let's hope she finishes before that point.'

rThe metal beams began to be lifted by strong winds, and were carefully placed in the four corners of the lower floor, then other beams were placed on top of the corner beams and on the ground to support the corners.

rIt was time for the lightning sphere to act. Orion noticed that, and understood what was going to happen.


Chapter end

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