Annie Grey – Maddison III

Maddison III

Morning came and Maddie was dressed and ready for school, she wore a floral print midi skirt and a black top that was tucked in into her skirt, she braided her hair into a long messy French braid, she took her school bag and went outside, the driver picked her up and drove her straight to school.

rAll night Maddie had been thinking of plans to entice Annie to be her friend, or how she could convince her to so her parents would stop bugging her about it, when Maddie got to school she waited at Annie's locker and waited for her to come through the school doors but alas nothing happened.

rUntil the school bell rang Maddie was still waiting at her locker, but she didn't want to be late for class so she left, today was Tuesday and so Maddie had different classes from Annie since she was an advanced student in physics, so she didn't have a chance of seeing Annie in class.

rAt Lunch time Maddie went to the Cafeteria and sat alone on the table because she chased her entourage away and she waited to see Annie there too but to her luck she didn't.


Chapter end

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