Annie Grey – Maddison II

Maddison II

The Wolf Mansion was a very big area it covered 8000 square feet with a forest behind it, of course what else would you expect from the richest business man in Sunset Village.

rBefore you entered the main Mansion you had to go through Entrance hall, the bedrooms were nicely decorated with a medieval taste to it, and the mansion had a kind of evil feel to it.

rMaddie quickly went upstairs to her room to change her clothes because there was a rule in the Wolf Mansion that when all members of the family and servants are indoor without outsiders they had to wear traditional witch clothes which consisted of robes and clothes and that of course exempted the Man and Lady of the house and the servants that had to wear their uniforms so only Maddie had to follow this rule.

rMaddie entered her room it was on the second floor the wall paper around it was a emerald green she had a king sized bed, a walking closet, a balcony and a bathroom in her room, she was off course the heir to the Wolf empire and so all her needs were taken care off except for the fact that she did not have a normal relationship with her parents.


Chapter end

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