Annie Grey – Captious 5

Captious 5

It was Morning time and the Children were playing outside as always, Captious was bust studying and Jack was outside practicing fencing , then there was a knock on the double doors of the Orphanage.

rMadam Lizzy answered the door, she thought it would be Hanz and his men again but the people at the door were a surprise and shock to her.

rAs Fate would have it the people at the door were representatives from Schola Geniorum the school of geniuses for the Gifted and they were going from Orphanage to Orphanage to find under privileged Children and give them a scholarship to their school.

rOnce Madam Lizzy heard that her heart was full of Joy she knew that she had gifted Children in this Orphanage and it was time for them to shine and live a better life, she welcomed the Representatives inside and made them so tea.

rOne by one they called in all the children interviewed them and asked them to show their skills, child after child, some got chosen some were not, then came in Captious


Chapter end

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